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Title Insurance

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Title Insurance

Title Insurance is a form of indemnity insurance, which protects owners and mortgage lenders against financial loss resulting from challenges or defects in the title to real estate. Prior to the transfer of ownership, a satisfactory title examination is required to issue the policy. These policies protect a policyholder against loss from some occurrence that has already happened but is not shown in the public record, such as a forged deed somewhere back in the chain of title. Title insurance typically covers the policyholder’s attorney and court expenses, or pay for financial loss caused by unknown defects, subject to the policy’s terms and limitations.

Owner’s title insurance lasts as long as you, the policyholder – or your heirs – have an interest in the insured property. This may even be after you have sold the property. In Virginia it is customary for the purchaser to pay for the lender’s title insurance policy as well as their owner’s policy.

Our title insurance services are designed to afford homeowners, lenders, and others protection from adversarial title claims or risks.

The principal purpose of title insurance is to eliminate risks and prevent losses that can occur when a title is defective.

With a one-time fee, our title insurance can help give you lifetime protection from these hazards! Call us at (276)-690-2364 for quotes!

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